02 | Employee Analysis

How Leading Dealerships Win By Hiring, Coaching and Keeping The Best People

Progressive Dynamics And Top Grading
In the face of increasing competition, two rival managers from competing Dealerships vie to out perform each other. Both strive to improve their teams performance. Both have read about the latest management trends. Both have attempted some version of quality and process improvement. Both have discovered, and re-discovered the customer. One manager has a team of a couple of 'A' players, many 'B' players and a few 'C': players. The other manager has all 'A' players. Hers is a dream team. Which manager would you bet on to win?

After studying both successful and failed careers as well as successful and failed Dealerships, one overriding factor emerges: talent. Human capital. The single most important driver of organizational performance and individual managerial success is talent. The ability to actually do what every company and every manager professes to do - hire the best - is what distinguishes premier Dealerships from mediocre ones, successful versus ordinary careers. The vast majority of Dealerships and manager simply cant figure out how to overcome the many obstacles to packing their team with 'A' players. The Bottom Line- 50% of people hired to work at a Dealership are absolutely wrong for the job. The Solution- Progressive Dynamics AND Top Grading!

Considering that the current national annual employee turnover rate for franchised dealerships is 43%, Progressive Dynamics delivers Top Grading, a silver-bullet assessment technique. At Progressive Dynamics, we know how to identify and hire the top ten percent of available talent every time with a 90 percent (plus) success rate, thus dramatically cutting down on both turnover and the costs associated with miss hires in both human resources expense and lost business. Top Grading reveals the true cost of a 'miss hire' and how to avoid settling for second best.

This is why Progressive Dynamics uses Top Grading as the best solution for Human Resources needs anywhere within your dealership. Top Grading is the best - practices manual on how to maximize talent. Simply put, Top Grading is the practice of packing the team with 'A' players.

We have many ways of rolling out this initiative into your Dealership. Contact us today so we can discuss your Human Resource Goals and how we can help you achieve them!

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