01 | Easy Purchase

Its a proven fact. Buyers are insisting that dealerships sell vehicles the way they want to buy them. This sounds easy, but in fact can be very difficult.

Think about it. Most people are searching for a better way to buy a vehicle. But when asked what they want, theres one message that always comes shining through. Customers really dont enjoy going back and forth with the salesperson and manager.

Progressive Dynamics has done extensive focus grouping on this subject. We've concluded that what people really want is quite easy to facilitate. They want a negotiation experience that offers full disclosure and is easy to understand. But this can be a problem for dealerships. How do you accomplish this and still hold gross, maintain high closing ratios, and increase C.S.I.?

Developed by former Dealer Principle and President of Progressive Dynamics, Joe Levine has designed a closing process that gives the customer exactly what they are asking for. The Easy Purchase™ process addresses price, trade value and payment in one easy to follow format holding gross, maintaining high closing ratios and increasing C.S.I.

Feedback we get from salespeople to our industry all agree. The simplicity and full disclosure nature of this process makes it more enjoyable to work the close thus eliminating employee stress. Remember, most employees will tell you that if there were a better way to close deals than the traditional methods (like 4 Square, Customer Offer, etc.) they would do it in a minute. Heres a question: What would that do for employee turn over on your showroom floor?

Give us a call, or if you prefer an e-mail today to learn more about this process that has been delighting customers and employees alike. Regardless of the size of your dealership, Easy Purchase™ could be your deal closing solution. Easy Purchase™. It's what customers want!

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