08 | Direct Mail

"The Non-Problem"

These days, every time you go through your mail, there is another company extolling its virtue as the "Direct Mail answer to your needs". Thats very nice, but actions speak louder than words!

Remember, Joe Levine a former Dealer Principle created Progressive Dynamics. Therefore, we are considered a "Dealer for Dealers" company. Progressive Dynamics started Direct Mail initiatives in response to our clients asking us for a full circle process that does more than just bring customers in the door.

This simply means that we have field-tested everything in our own dealership environment, and know what works. And, as the industry changes, we have the ability to change with it. Why? Thats easy. We are in dealerships every week. We see the market change and thus have the ability to change with it in real time. Not after something fails. From start to finish, you will have a proven track record to rely upon.

At Progressive Dynamics, We offer NON-PROBLEM DIRECT MAIL SOLUTIONS. There is no limit as to the type of event you can ask us for. Long or Short Term, Sales, Service or Parts initiatives are available. We even do specialty events! For example, Secondary Finance or Service Retention initiatives are never a problem with us and are very cost effective for your Dealership!

All lists are constantly reviewed to be more effective via our own effective market research in order to achieve optimum response rates. In other words, we dont rely on a mailing list company to tell us what works. This way we can customize all events based upon the dealership goals. Hosted by us on your site, or held by yourself alone you choose what is the best solution. No Problem!

Additionally Progressive Dynamics has a full circle mail solution available for your store. Backed by a confidentiality agreement that survives the termination (if ever) of our services, we have the ability to manage your entire customer data base for all departmental direct mail applications directly from our office by simply pulling the necessary customer information directly from your Dealership computer on a daily, weekly or monthly basis without ever being able to look at any of your confidential files, financial or otherwise.

Progressive Dynamics services Automobile Dealerships and State Associations throughout the Continental United States. We specialize in customized training and consulting programs and processes for all departments and staff members. Our clients include domestic, foreign, and single point dealerships, as well as large dealer groups.