05 | CSI

We all know that....
• C.S.I. scores matter
• High scores mean happy customers
• Happy customers mean repeat and referral business
• High scores have the potential to earn more of the "hot" product
• "Internal" customer relations are dramatically affected by the overall level of C.S.I. scores
• Maintaining high score levels are potentially more difficult over long periods of time

In order to customize a process for your dealership, we will gather customer data to answer the following questions:
• Why they bought from you
• What would they recommend changing
• What they liked about the overall experience
• What did they not like about the overall experience
• If they did not buy, Why?
• What was common with other dealerships?
• What was unique from other dealerships?
• What was unique about the salesperson (Sales, Parts, Service)
• Would they would buy from you again
• How many dealerships did they shopped before coming to your dealership
• The number of dealerships they shopped after leaving your dealership before buying
• The period of elapsed time between the very first dealership shopped and the final dealership they bought from

We will also gather information regarding the likes and dislikes of:
• Dealership
• Salesperson
• Price
• Selection
• Negotiation Process

Once the data is gathered, we work together with you to develop the right strategic and tactical plans to achieve the C.S.I. goals you are looking for in the long-term.

We then role out the entire package in your Dealership, and monitor the progress by department and following up regularly with the necessary in-person visits to insure your complete success with all of your C.S.I. Initiatives!

Progressive Dynamics services Automobile Dealerships and State Associations throughout the Continental United States. We specialize in customized training and consulting programs and processes for all departments and staff members. Our clients include domestic, foreign, and single point dealerships, as well as large dealer groups.