04 | Sales Person Training

in-san-i-ty n.
To continue to do things the same way and expect different results.

If you want to increase your staff's sales numbers, there are only 3 ways to do it:
1. Increase their number of opportunities ("ups").
2. Increase their effectiveness with those opportunities.
3. Increase their opportunities and effectiveness!

Increasing opportunities costs much more than increasing effectiveness!
Think about it. The average dealership spends thousands of dollars per month advertising to get customers into their store. Little is spent on preparing their sales and management staff to effectively handle these opportunities. In fact, the current National Average proves this:

Less than 1% of a dealerships monthly budget is allocated for training in all departments. HUH????

Are you aware that most dealerships....
• Settle for an average of 10 deliveries per month from their salespeople.
• Settle for an ACTUAL average closing ratio of 20% or less.
• Never give management an opportunity to learn how to "Train The Trainer".
• Have staff that falls into the "Most Salespeople and/or Most Managers" Category.

Unfortunately, most salespeople....
• Spend an average of less than 30 minutes with every customer, and yet expect him/her to spend thousands of dollars at the drop of a hat.
• Are not prepared to handle customer objections they hear everyday.
• Only do what would be considered a complete, solid "Road to the Sale" presentation with less than 15% of your customers.
• Do not have enough basic knowledge about their product to do an effective Walk Around Presentation for the Customer.
• Do not completely understand what makes a customer buy or not buy from him/her.
• Have psychological limitations that limit their production to less than 60 % of their capabilities.
• Get less than one hour of training per month (on average) throughout their career.

Most veteran salespeople dont ever realize their true potential and either "float" from dealership to dealership (in search of the "greener grass"), or leave the business altogether.

Our Veteran Salesperson Training takes the experience factor into consideration, and teaches new concepts in a way that is accepted by the most seasoned people. The Salesperson "Buys In" and makes the effort to apply what they have learned when they leave our training environment.

Progressive Dynamics services Automobile Dealerships and State Associations throughout the Continental United States. We specialize in customized training and consulting programs and processes for all departments and staff members. Our clients include domestic, foreign, and single point dealerships, as well as large dealer groups.