03 | Recruiting, Hiring and Training

The Cornerstone on Which Our Company was Built... Progressive Dynamics started screening, interviewing, and training salespeople in the automobile industry back in 1983. It has always been our belief that the traditional "problem with salespeople" is not the Salesperson him/herself, but rather the manner in which he/she had to learn the job. We allow new people entering our business to receive a basic understanding of what to do, and then tell them, "GO GET EM!" In a short time, the new salesperson gets fired or leaves in frustration, further hurting the reputation of the automobile business.

Take Heart... There Is A Better Way!
Welcome to the PDI method!
First: Advertise
We assist in the construction and placement of classified advertisement. Our methods produce the best possible results in terms of who is answering the ad. Remember, you never know where your next applicant is coming from.

Second: Screen
We use a Federally Approved 4-part employment application. This enables us to legally capture every possible shred of personal and professional information on the candidate, and carefully identify the background of the candidate.

Third: Interview
We use a multi-level interview that uncovers the ability of the applicant to perform up to and conceivably above expectations through the use of a concept called Top Grading. Top Grading focuses on hiring the right people the first time. Consider this. 50% of peopled hired are wrong for the job. The cost of a miss-hire equals 24x the salary for that position and can run much higher depending upon the position in question. The ultimate goal of Top Grading is to hire 'A' Players. These are the top 10% of the people that apply for a position with your dealership. They must be identified and motivated to accept the position if it is offered to them. Progressive Dynamics will find and hire the 'A' Players for you.

Fourth: Test
It is a proven fact that testing a candidate for a specific position can eliminate a potential miss-hire. New clients comment from time how they hired a person that interviewed extremely well but they "just didn't work out." Hiring isnt enough, retention is just as important! We use two tests to expose some very important answers, Psychological Profile and Mental Aptitude Tests. Progressive Dynamics uses a Psychological Profile that aids in understanding if the personality of the candidate is a good match for the position being applied for. For example, we have the ability to examine a persons profile and identify the number of units this person can deliver each month. This brings us to the Mental Aptitude Test. Since 1983, Progressive Dynamics has proven that all job descriptions must have a Minimum Acceptable Standard (MAS) for Mental Aptitude. It enables us to focus on whether the candidate is capable of understanding what is expected from him/her. It also helps determine if he/she can be trained to consistently perform at the 'A' Player level. We use this for all employee positions throughout the entire dealership.

Fifth: Train
When training new salespeople, it important to start with a well designed sales process that allows the individual to develop the tools necessary to work toward MASTERY of the position. Remember, salespeople are made not born!

Our "Ten Steps In The Road To The Sale" focuses on just that. We train a customer driven approach to selling vehicles that yields high gross profits, tremendous volume and fantastic repeat and referral business while achieving wonderful C.S.I. scores!

Our Ten Step course overview:
1. Meet and Greet
2. Qualify
3. Select A Vehicle
4. Guest Ride
5. Presentation
6. Sell Service
7. Appraisal
8. The Close
9. After Sale
10. Delivery

Additional issues trained in order to work toward mastery are:
• Phone Skills
• Prospecting - Make it Fun and Effective
• Where to FIND Your Own Market instead of waiting for It to find you
• The Service Department - The Untapped Resource
• There Is No "I" In Team
• Forecasting Skills for Individual Achievement
• Time Management
• Understanding the Customer
• Sensitivity Training
• Who's in Control - You or the Customer

These items are taught by seasoned trainers with real life retail dealership experience using a unique blend of lecture that is NEVER read from a book. Additionally, we train using real life situations in classroom and showroom role- play.

At the end of the weeklong course, a written exam is given which the student must pass with a score of 80 or better on a scale of 100. Once passed, the student is then certified by us and given a certificate of accomplishment. Most Dealers settle for 8-10 delivery per month salespeople and less than 20% closing ratios. But not you!

Progressive Dynamics services Automobile Dealerships and State Associations throughout the Continental United States. We specialize in customized training and consulting programs and processes for all departments and staff members. Our clients include domestic, foreign, and single point dealerships, as well as large dealer groups.